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Greetings and welcome to my portfolio where I gather content from my more than 50 sites across the web. You are viewing this page either because you extended an invitation to feature my services in your project(s), or because you found or were given a link to this site. Thank you for your inquiry and or other interest. This site includes a collection of some of my ideas and writing highlights, representing thousands of pages curated over two decades. In addition to the featured samples, the bottom of this page lists a few other links that might interest you and your organization concerning my work. Certain articles or songs may be available for reprint or distribution to save you time in developing a quality project.

Concerning new content on a variety of topics, I am happy to write fresh text for your project(s) under my pen-name, or as myself. Articles may be based on a theme that you provide, or by divine inspiration, at your request. Devotional and inspirational writing are my forte. However, I am also well-versed and available to write copy on the following topics: Fashion Design, Sewing, Web Development with WordPress, and Small Business Startup.

My pen-name is Noire Mosé, a nickname I gained after winning the Harriet Tubman Award and being called, “The Black Moses (Noire Mosé – a slight syntactical creative license, but true nonetheless) of Her Generation.” Some of my projects will have this name as the author. These are still my work (unless I have been impersonated).

Feel free to browse my work. You can select project types from the “Archive” link from the navigation bar at the top of every page. If you like what you see, consider leaving a tip and or hiring me for your next project.

A Bipolar Note: The site you are viewing and all linked content represent works completed and or in progress, built between health failures and memory short-circuits over nearly three decades. If you find anything inaccurate or incomplete, please excuse the omission or deletion and enjoy the spirit of praise for the Almighty Creator, to whose glory I submit these works. If you feel inspired, you can send me a note about corrections or questions you identify. Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

Love, Peace, and Blessings.

Shenica Renee Graham

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