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Shenica R. Graham provides quality publishing services for teens, women, and minority authors. Acceptable publishing projects include cookbooks, memoirs, autobiographies, fiction and sci-fi. Available publishing services include book and ebook creation, audio book synchronization, and author management. Contact her for more information, or hire her to get started with your publishing project.

Professional Publishing Services

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Shenica R. Graham is an Independent Publisher. She provides publishing opportunities for teens, women and minority authors. She specializes in electronic publishing. Past projects include “God Brought Us All The Way” by Frank Robinson, Jr. (memoir); “The Ultimate Sacrifice” by Earnest Williams (memoir); and “A Woman of Purpose” by herself (memoir / self-help). For quality solutions to all of your publishing needs, learn more about her services.

Service Details

From author and book promotion to author website design and marketing on social media and via email, I’ve got you covered. You provide your photo(s) and your manuscript. I do the rest. Your book and or e-book will be available at major online retailer websites. Sell print or audio books to compliment your e-book chapter previews that create a buzz around your publishing project. Need writing practice? I recommend joining a writing community like Vocal, where you can develop your writing skills and potentially make money from what you publish.

The Complete Package Includes:

  • Manuscript review and editing.
  • Author website creation and development.
  • Promotional media creation and image branding including logos, book images, author images, site banners, and files for online marketing.
  • Social media management
  • and more!

New Author Submission Information

I am currently accepting new authors. Contact me for more information, or hire me to get started with your publishing project.

Work Sample: Shine: A Woman of Purpose

Book Cover Design and Manuscript Authoring / Editing / Publishing

Design Specs: Create a book cover with a sky background, for Shine: A Woman of Purpose book by Shenica R. Graham. Feature a woman praying. Use a color scheme related to sunshine. Feature the word “Shine” as a heading. Include the words “A Woman of Purpose” as a subtitle.

http://shineonpurpose.wordpress.com | http://www.facebook.com/shineonpurpose

Buy the book, “Shine: A Woman of Purpose” by Shenica R. Graham

Becoming a woman of purpose is not a destination where you arrive whole. It is a lifestyle wherein you improve every day. This book is a way to dive into growing your flower of faith and character.”


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