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31 Women is a Christian women’s community service and support group whose mission is to live and serve in ministry according to Proverbs 31:10 – 31, restoring teen girls and women of all ages to joyful relationship with each other, with their families, and with Christ. This ministry is an extension of WiSeekU, founded by S. Renée Graham, author of Shine: A Woman of Purpose.

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Book Cover & Marketing Coordinates

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« subcategories: banners, books, cms customization, copywriting, cover designs, logos, Shine Series, ux writing, WordPress customization

Design Specs

These are the project design requirements. Create a book cover with a sky background, for Shine: A Woman of Purpose book by Shenica R. Graham. Feature a woman praying. Use a color scheme related to sunshine. Feature the word “Shine” as a heading. Include the words “A Woman of Purpose” as a subtitle. For marketing purposes, create coordinating audio CD cover, journal cover, web banner, and social media profiles.

Project Fulfillment: The How?

The website cover / banner shown above was designed by Shenica Graham using two stock images: “Young Woman Praying” by David Castillo Dominici, and “Clouds With Sunset” by Worradmu. The color scheme was derived from the background sunset image, to intentionally highlight the concept of sunshine, emoting the title, “Shine.” I wanted the banner to be somewhat semantic, denoting a woman of prayer, whose prayerfulness is connected to her purpose.

Shenica R. Graham, author of “Shine: A Woman of Purpose”

The plan was to create a book, a journal, and an audio CD. Therefore, all of these images were combined in the promotional banner as a pre-selling tool. The image to the left shows the final book cover.

The WordPress content management system (CMA) was used to create the website. WordPress was used because as a Web and CSS designer with over 9 years experience working in WordPress, I have not found a better, more user-friendly, consistent, reliable CMS. This project implements the “tdeditor” WordPress template (theme) (shown customized below), including extensive graphic design and online copywriting at http://shineonpurpose.wordpress.com.

The “31 Women” banner with branded square shown on the above page was also designed by Shenica R. Graham with silhouettes by Sattva. Shenica developed the tag line for 31 Women: “Even if you’re 101, you can be 31!” Below is an excerpt from the original book content written by Shenica R. Graham.

Excerpt From the book Shine: A Woman of Purpose

I had a calling on my life. At sixteen, I accepted the call; yet, I was a beautiful mess (until I was just a mess) and fell away from the light. I searched for a resource like the one you are reading when I was lost in a lack of purpose. I needed a new normal; a new default. I needed a renewed mind. Even as I became reclusive, I still felt a strong anointing. I was pregnant with purpose. I began writing the resources that would help with the emotional, natural, and spiritual issues that intertwined in my ravaged life. When I stopped asking, “Why me?” and started counting my blessings, purpose began to blossom. Words were birthed from my spirit that brought emotional healing to my life.

The Shine series was born to address the wholeness that I had no idea how to cultivate from a realm of various mental health challenges before building this cornerstone. This series is an effort to create the resources I was looking for. After several hospitalizations and other challenges, progress on the books and other tools slowed to a screeching halt. I had lost my core connection. I did not know who I was, or what to do about it. I was off-center and failing again and again at being who God called me to be. These pages are a well of gratefulness to the Almighty God who had mercy on me. I believe that some are translated from words that I hope will minister to your soul the hope that they planted within me. I want to help others on the path to recovery and wholeness. I wish you hope and healing in these pages.

Shenica R. Graham

Featured Project Element: Social Media Profile

Buy the book, “Shine: A Woman of Purpose” by Shenica R. Graham

Becoming a woman of purpose is not a destination where you arrive whole. It is a lifestyle wherein you improve every day. This book is a way to dive into growing your flower of faith and character.”


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