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Haute Midwest Magazine (HM) online is part of Haute Midwest Enterprises family, a division of Sherell Ra Sha Inc. HM is the Official Magazine of Iowa’s premiere fashion house, House of Sherell. We help promote fashion-centered events and foster growth in the Midwest fashion industry.

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The HM Family of Products and Services

HM Fashion Network. The Midwest fashion connection for Official Sponsors and Partners of HM Magazine, where style meets opportunity. We are part of the Sherell Ra Sha Inc Vision Board: the fastest growing network of fashion talent in the Midwest. We bring you the best in beauty and fashion from Iowa and around the Midwest. Members enjoy VIP access to HM events and savings from our Network sponsors and partners.

HM FashUversity. Online fashion school offering scholarship and training in the fashion arts. Haute Midwest Fashion University, affectionately known as FashUversity, is an online fashion education program including sewing classes and mentoring in apparel and accessory design to educate and train aspiring apparel and accessory designers in the fashion design industry and sewing arts. Select projects are available for purchase from GSyndicates.

HM Gala Management. Official event management firm of Haute Midwest Enterprises. Haute Midwest (HM) Gala Management is your trusted partner for all of your event planning and production needs. We are a full-service fashion event management division of Haute Midwest Enterprises, specializing in creating a total atmosphere of elegance with Midwest charm. Thank you to all of our Partners, Sponsors, Guests and Volunteers.

HM Media. Graphic arts and digital media production firm. Haute Midwest Media is a creative force in digital media and marketing, part of the HM Enterprises family. We offer Small Business Consulting specializing in start-up and Web development.

Haute Midwest Magazine (HM) online. HM is the fashionista’s source for all things fashion, style, and beauty in the US Midwest. Shenica R. Graham founded Haute Midwest Magazine with Sponsor, House of Sherell, on November 7, 2013 following her Apparel & Accessory Designer début (collection titled GSIA – now part of GSyndicates) at the House of Sherell Fashion Extravaganza on November 6, 2013. Her lexicographical influence and talent portfolio is driving HM to the top of the fashion u-net-verse. She envisioned the Haute Midwest brand as a multifaceted and growing enterprise. Therefore, this project began as a conglomeration of several projects undertaken at once and spanning all HM divisions.[ read more ]

HM MODEL Talent Management. Model talent management agency. [ read more ]

HM Photography. Professional event photography. [ read more ]

ViraStyle. HM Virtual Fashion Network. Online network of fashion video broadcasts; also known as ViraStyle – where fashion goes viral. [ read more ]

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– About This Project –
Haute Midwest (HM) Magazine

Design Specs

These are the project design requirements. Create an online magazine style website for Haute Midwest. Design an original company logo (at left). Display the GSyndicates banner previously created (by Shenica R. Graham). Feature GS and Ra Sha designs in the home page image automatic gallery. Include a minimum of the following categories: (On The Cover, DIY Glam, Fab Finds, Fashion Bulletins, Makeovers, On Location); pages: Ads, Archive, Submissions, This Issue (Categories, Contests, Cover Story).

Link to HM Enterprises and its Divisions. Refer to project source pages for descriptions of all categories and pages. (The cover image featured above was originally designed for the HM online website. The logo was later changed to the image shown at left below under “Project Fulfillment” (also designed by Shenica).) Refer to project sources provided by the client for descriptions of all categories and pages. Create social media presence.

Project Fulfillment: The How?

The website cover / banner shown above is a completely original design. It is an enlarged variation of the first logo (shown at the left) that I created for Haute Midwest. How did the design come to fruition?

First, I was thinking about fashion and specifically about fashion shows. I wanted to bring the concept of the “spotlight” to the stage. Next, rotating a letter or a word in a logo name from a horizontal to a vertical orientation (or vice versa) is one of my graphic design trademarks. I have a way of finding just the right element to spin.

For the “Haute Midwest” logos, I chose to rotate the first letter of the second word. Then, I saw the sideways “M” as a model. I could see the model “M” on the catwalk. I chose to add a spotlight to the “M” to further emphasize the LIVE on-stage or in the spotlight fashion relationship. Haute Midwest is now distinguishable by the spotlighted and 45 degree rotated “M.” A brand is born. I really love this design. It just says “lights, camera, action.” I created several derivative logos featuring the spotlighted and rotated “M,” each representing a different division of Haute Midwest Enterprises. The screen capture below was of the final site customization at http://hautemidwest.wordpress.com as it existed in 2020. It has been updated.

WordPress MH Magazine Template Customized For Haute Midwest Magazine by Shenica R. Graham

The WordPress content management system (CMA) was used to create the website. WordPress was used because as a Web and CSS designer with over 9 years experience working in WordPress, I have not found a better, more user-friendly, more consistent and reliable CMS.

The site implements the MH Magazine WordPress template (theme). A theme was chosen in order to inherit some magazine-like functionality and ensure that the required code is in working order before beginning any customizations.

This project required extensive graphic design and content writing including marketing copy, blogs, and articles. Shenica R. Graham wrote 99% of the content including articles and features published to this online fashion magazine, serving as the Editor In Chief. She is also the official photographer for all models.

Featured Project Elements: Social Media Profiles

Featured Project Elements: Magazine Covers

All of the above magazine covers were designed by Shenica Graham. For all except one of the covers (March 2019 apparel by Ra Sha), Shenica designed and constructed the apparel worn by the models. Shenica took the photos and created the cover layouts.

Featured Project Element: Editorial Photography

Featured Project Element: The #FashionForWord Lexicon by Shenica R. Graham

The Original Haute Midwest Fashion Dictionary – “Fashion is the word for life in Style!”

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Need a web designer, copywriter, fashion mogul, creative powerhouse? Hire me at GSyndicates Media. Like me on Facebook.

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