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GSyndicates Design, or just GSyndicates (formerly Graham Syndicates)(also GS or GSyndicates) is a fashion / sewing / modeling / e-commerce, beauty, apparel, and accessories mashup e-commerce business and shop owned and founded by Shenica R. Graham. This mode forward fashion hybrid combines skin care, cosmetics, jewelry, bags, apparel, shoes, and custom tailoring to form a one-stop source for all of your fashion needs.

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The GSyndicates™ Mission

GSyndicates™ is about more than the clothes you wear. Our motto is, “This is the look you’ve been looking for” (and variations of the same). Our mission is bringing “style from day to night and dazzle to divalicious™” by promoting positive self-image – something that will never go out of style.

The GSyndicates™ Specialty

The GSyndicatesspecialty is “comfortable elegance, providing custom tailored apparel and accessories designed to turn up the style in any wardrobe.” Our services comprise total image consulting. We have a helpful concierge for all of your fashion needs. GSyndicates™ also creates opportunities for aspiring fashion industry stars including designers, models, photographers, artists, and more.

The Vision For How GSyndicates™ Will Work

GSyndicates™ is style in motion, moving designs from concept to personality in the digital fashion world, driven by social media as designs are shared on Facebook, pinned at Pinterest, Tweeted, blogged, and worn with confidence. We create opportunities for aspiring fashion industry stars including designers, models, photographers, artists, and more. I created the infographic below to help explain this visionary process.

The GSyndicates™ Story

GSyndicates™ began as a “Made in the USA” project of fashion and couture artist, Shenica Renee Graham. She founded GSyndicates™ and Haute Midwest Magazine with Sponsor, House of Sherell, following her apparel and accessory designer début (collection titled GSIA – now part of GSyndicates™) at the House of Sherell Fashion Extravaganza on November 6, 2013.

About GSyndicates™ Designer

GSyndicates™ apparel and accessories are designed by Founder / Owner / Designer Shenica Renee Graham, and through collaboration with GStyle Experts in the GSyndicatesfashion community. GStyle™ Experts vote on new designs, request in-store releases, and more. These fashion experts bring their marketing, design, fabrication, and other skills to the community and earn a stake in the GSyndicates™ business.

GSyndicates™ Brands

GSyndicates™ is a collection of over a dozen exclusive brands with common style threads – a fashion syndicate where each brand has its own flavor.

  • GS Accessories™
  • GS Gifts™
  • GSCA™ (GSyndicates™ California)
  • GSIA™ (GSyndicates™ Iowa)
  • GSNY™ (GSyndicates™ New York)
  • GStyle by You™
  • GSyndicates Black™
  • GSyndicates Classic™
  • GSyndicates Home™
  • GSyndicates Kids™
  • GSyndicates Swim™
  • SteppIn’™ by GSyndicates™

About This Project – GSyndicates™ Design

Design Specs

These are the project design requirements: Create a new logo banner for GSyndicates™ Design (shown above) that matches the GSyndicates brand. Display the words “GSYNDICATES DESIGN” as a main heading. Display the designer’s name above the main heading. Display the words “We Have The Look You’ve Been Looking For” as a subheading.

Update the previous website cover / banner (Circa 2013, shown above), by Shenica R. Graham (with silhouettes by sattva). Photo(s) preferred over non-human graphic illustrations. Update the current website at http://gsyndicates.wordpress.com. Include a minimum of the following pages: Home, About (subpage: Brands), Blog, GStyle Concierge, Shop, Contact. Add other sub-pages as appropriate. Update the brand’s social media presence. Create an e-commerce website combining all GSyndicates shopping portals. Update the product descriptions with more fashion flair copy. Refer to project sources provided by the client for current descriptions of all categories and pages to be updated. Create a subscription based, branded fashion magazine to promote and support the brand.

The new look should reflect the forward motion of the new brand strategy, the designer has a vision to update the brand from mid-level to a triple threat – ready to wear, mid-level, and high fashion – taking the brand from six to more than a dozen categories including clothing and accessories (adding watches, neckties, and shoes!), skin care and cosmetics (including a specialty line for African American skin like mine!), and home making products like blankets, bath accessories, and even furniture!

Project Fulfillment: The How?

The website cover / banners shown above were designed using a pexels image backgrounds with the new logos as a transparent overlays. The color scheme and background match the black and white or grayscale trademark of the original GSyndicates™ logo.

Logos, taglines, and descriptions were updated for each the GSyndicates™ Brands. The the GSyndicates™ “Stamp” or initials monogram is shared by every logo, whether or not the main brand title is spelled out or the brand name starts only with the monogram.

GS Accessories™ are made of unique and non-traditional materials that create stunning pieces to complement your best looks.

GS Gifts™ is a curated collection of custom gift bundles and services that can be added to any purchase.

GSCA™(GSyndicates™ California) is your year round summer style maker. Add a splash of color, a pinch of flavor, and a taste of fun to your look whatever the weather.

GSIA(GSyndicates™ Iowa) is the Official Designer of Haute Midwest Magazine and an exclusive House of Sherell brand. GSIA™ will get you ready for cool nights and winter getaways. Designs are inspired by a love of bold looks that capture the heart in breathtaking moments and fuse elements from East and West vogues. GSIA™ was the first member of the GSyndicates™ design group and made its debut at the House of Sherell Winter 2013 Fashion Show. Haute Midwest Magazine™ was launched the next day. GSyndicates™ Magazine is the next revolution of that publication.

GSJEANS CO™ apparel is 100% American grown cotton jean fabrics made in the USA. Styles are bold enough for your fashion statement, and hip enough to last. GSJEANS CO™ jeans are always in style. Take your look to the next level.

GSNY™ (GSyndicates™ New York) is your fashion source for uptown style at a hometown price. GSNY™’s “Hotline” will get your heart pumping with fitness and wellness products to help you feel your best in everything that looks good on you. GSNY™ is inspired by comfort and classic lines. Breathable fabrics complement lifestyles on the move. Convertible styles mean more mojo for your money. Whether you take to the catwalk, the office, or the shops on the avenue, you will look and feel great in GSNY™.

GSyndicates Black honors African American heritage and GSyndicates™ Founder, Shenica R. Graham. GSyndicates™ Black includes African American culture inspired apparel, signature accessories including bags, shoes, and scarves, a jewelry line, a skin care line, a fragrance line, and so much more!

Our GSyndicates Classic brand is preserved as the first spin off of GSIA™, which grew up in Iowa, USA. Our expansion to the more universal GSyndicates™ brand, allowed us to remove the ceiling that limited us to local merchants. Today, GSyndicates™ is a fashion staple with the sub-brands listed on this page.

GSyndicates Home™ is your source for practical design with a high-fashion touch.

The heritage of GSyndicates™ is passed on from generation to generation. With GSyndicates™ Kids, you can train up a style in the way it should go.

GSyndicates Swim™ suits are built for all figures. Get smooth fabrics and slimming cuts in flattering designs.

STEPPiN’ by GSyndicates™ is for savvy people like you, who love what they do. Whether you’re stepping out for work or play, or the all too common hybrid –  since you love to mix, we’ll keep you stepping out in style. So go ahead and love every step.

The Shopify e-commerce platform was used to create the all-new main shopping portal (shown below) launching January 1, 2021, which also links to other existing shopping sites managed by the brand. Shopify won over other options because as a Web and CSS designer with over 9 years experience working in online sales, I have not found a better, more user-friendly, consistent, reliable, robust and completely customizable e-commerce platform.

While I usually recommend WordPress for everything. Shopify is a cost-effective starter option specifically for e-commerce. The WordPress blogging genius does have an e-commerce version also… priced for established businesses. This project implements a customized version of the Shopify template (theme). Both the main brand website and the shopping portal include extensive graphic design and online copywriting.

The next edition of GSyndicates Magazine is slated for Spring 2021. Here’s a preview (at left). Subscribe to free online edition. Subscribe to print edition.

For the magazine heading (shown above), I implemented my trademark 180 degree word spin, taking the minimized word, “Magazine” from horizontal to vertical.

Featured Project Elements: Social Media Profiles

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