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Anywhere Fitness (AF) is an app designed to take the stress out of coordinating workout appointments and making or accepting payments. Members can workout or train others from anywhere, anytime. AF is for all levels of experience from beginners starting their first workout, to world-class trainers who want to monetize and globalize their training.

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About This Project – Anywhere Fitness (AF) App

From the project description: “These days, fitness classes can be held anywhere- a park, an unfinished basement or a garage- not just at a traditional gym. Certified fitness instructors need an easy way to take the awkwardness out of attendance taking and client payment processing. While you could use several mobile apps to accomplish this, Anywhere Fitness is the all-in-one solution to meet your “on-location” fitness class needs. Anywhere Fitness makes it painless for Instructors and Clients alike to hold and attend Fitness classes wherever they might be held.”

From the project vision guide: “Instructors can take attendance, request and process payments, create virtual
“punch passes” for each type of class offered, alert clients of cancellations or location changes and so much more.
○ Clients can easily find out i nformation on classes – l ocation, class size, start time and duration, as well as reschedule or cancel an upcoming appointment or reservation right from the mobile app.

Design Specs

These are the project design requirements.

Instructors should be able to do all of the following processes:

  • Take attendance
  • Request and process payments
  • Create virtual “punch passes” for each type of class offered
  • Alert clients of cancellations or location changes
  • And so much more.

Clients should be able to complete all of the following processes:

  • Easily find out information on classes including:
    • Location
    • Class size
    • Class start time
    • Class duration
  • Schedule or reschedule or cancel an upcoming workout appointment or reservation using the mobile app.

Project Fulfillment: The How?

The logo at the left was modified from the original design, which promoted “Anytime Fitness”, hence the incorporation of the clock. The measuring tape was originally across the “waist” of the title (the upper and lower words were cinched at the gap between them). However, it was determined that this logo resembled too closely the Biggest Loser icon. How was the remaining project realized?

First, I was thinking about different ways of getting fit, rather than focusing on weight loss specifically – because healthy habits are not just for people who need to lose weight. I wanted to highlight the app purpose of connecting people to workout classes and trainers without the concern of having to go to the gym or stress about social distancing.

This site was created with React JS. Anytime Fitness was a project of my build team at Lambda School, where I am currently studying to get an endorsement in Full-Stack Web Design. I am primarily a front-end developer, with CSS and HTML being my strongest skills. This site incorporates CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

My contribution to this project was purely inspired by two elements – a portion of the photo (without text and without button, with the knees and feet cropped out – I searched for and found the original photo) included above and the description given at the beginning of this post. There was no initial theme, no content management system, no stated color scheme, no supporting photos, no wireframe, and no other design file included with the original project. I created the first design file based on my interpretation of the partial photo and provided description. This project required graphic design and content writing including logo design and marketing copy. I added an optional blog, about app page, team introduction, and contact page. The image below is my design file for the landing page (this project is in progress: additional pages are forthcoming).

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