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Where there’s a writer, there’s a way.

Shenica R. Graham

You can find more of my work on medium.com at https://shenicargraham.medium.com.
You can also hire me at writers.work/shenicargraham.

In addition to writing, I am web programming student. Programmers know me as Grahamattic. Need a methodic copywriter? Let my lexicographical machine algorithm whip up some jaw dropping content for your mega word hungry clients, customers, and fans. Creating a buzz is like the matrix: you have to see it from the inside. You already know everything about your product or service. Now you need a neo(n) sign pointing to a viral blog, post, tweet, or video to boost your brand visibility. I can help you write that quintessential copy to take bank to your bottom line.

Want something fun? Let me create your site’s own exclusive, custom lexicon, a modern dictionary that your fans will love to #hashtag (here is a sample).

What is the secret to the Grahamattic machine? What you need to know is that it can take your site from blah to bangin’, from basics to blahniks, and from zero to hero (and those are just the appetizers). Hire me to keep your readers wanting more.

Mental Platter


Mental Platter is a derivative of a course from My Psych Teacher University. This is your introduction to the course in behavior modification. Here, you will explore hacks for improving upon the sometimes mundane, albeit necessary processes of life. If you complete the series, you should be able to take practical steps toward personal fulfillment and improved wellness.

Forwards to: https://shenicargraham.medium.com/mental-platter-introduction-571ae86c8060

Mental Platter: Psych hack#1
Chew gum to reduce post-traumatic stress

Chewing gum reduces stress,
makes you smarter, and helps you lose weight

From anxiety and mood disorders including some eating disorders, depression, and posttraumatic stress (PTSD), there are many conditions that can negatively impact your mental health every day. Chronic stress is a global health problem that can lead to various physical and mental diseases. The symptoms of chronic stress can severely interrupt your daily existence and have long-term consequences that may be difficult to mitigate. Some people, such as persons with PTSD, have a lower tolerance for stress.

My Reaction to Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds (video)

#MentalPlatter : My Life is a Movie (Almost)

I really love movies. The right ones help me to process life with mental illness. I admire how writers and filmographers and directors and actors and many others work together to produce emotion. I am particularly a fan of movies by Tyler Perry. He is masterful in his craft. He persevered when no one wanted to help him reach his goals (Been there. Done that.) He overcame tremendous odds and is now living his dreams. Head on over to Biography to learn more about this awesome man. Unfortunately, I was too busy being at first homeless and then just too broke to watch many of Perry’s movies when they first came out.

Haute Midwest Magazine’s #FashionForWord Lexicon

The Original Haute Midwest Fashion Dictionary

“Fashion is the word for life in Style!”

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