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Welcome to the video category of my portfolio. Links to featured videos are listed below. If you like my work, send me a tip to keep the creativity going! Click here to hire me for your next design project. Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

Music Video


Video Specs: Create a visual representation of the song “Forgiven” by Shenica R. Graham. Tell a story about living with addiction and martial issues, then finding grace and healing for a wonderful life. Watch the video here or on YouTube.

My Psych Teacher University Promotional Video

My Psych Teacher University is Here For You!

Video Specs: Create a visual representation of the “My Psych Teacher University student.” Tell a story about who he or she is and what he or she has been through. End with My Psych Teacher University logo and the website address (mypsychteacheruniversity.com).


Instructor Bio – Shenica R. Graham

Video Specs: Write a script Introducing yourself to your students. Record yourself reciting the script.


For more videos, check out my YouTube Channel.

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