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GSNY (GSyndicates New York) is your fashion source for uptown fashion at a hometown price. GSNY is inspired by comfort and classic lines. Breathable fabrics complement lifestyles on the move. Convertible styles mean more mojo for your money. You can easily take daytime looks to nighttime flair. Whether you take to the catwalk, the office, or the shops on the avenue, you will look and feel great in GSNY.

Take a look at GSNY looks!

GSNY Butterfly Mini Shirt

Update your little black dress! The GSNY Butterfly Mini Shirt is the long and short of comfortable style. Rouche at the waist for a daytime wear. Stretch to full length for nightime flair.

The mini shirt is made of organic jersey knit fabric. The V-neck collar is mirrored at the back and made of 100% American grown cotton jean fabric.

The GSNY Butterfly Mini Shirt retails for just $85 online (excluding tax and shipping).

F.D.L.F.D.B. That is, Friends Don’t Let Friends Dress Badly. Does your BFF need a #stylehaul? You’ve been there for her since kindergarten. Friend, don’t fail her now: help a sister out! Give her the gift of GSNY.

I could not share GSNY without its forerunner, GSIA (GSyndicates Iowa) – the original GSyndicates brand. After battling depression for several years, I was inspired by my mother to take up a lost art from my youth.

I still recall the mélange of excitement and anxiety of stepping out of my comfort zone to launch a creative project beyond the borders of self-seclusion.

I learned to sew as a child while sitting on the floor near mother’s chair as she whisked her Singer classic sewing machine through everything from hats to draperies. Though I naturally developed a love for fashion, my dreams were diverted by nagging health problems. I battled low self-esteem and had a difficult time breaking free from a downward spiral that left me in a virtual hermitage.

Coming out of that shell to do something so public; putting all of me into a product and subjecting it to scrutiny, was and is frankly, terrifying. I had spent so much of my life force building walls to protect what was my fragile shell. It was difficult to see myself in any other way.

Flash forward to 2013: following a series of hospitalizations, I was once again at a crossroad. My mother, went back to college to pursue a fashion design degree, was already well on her way to becoming a Senior in her program. She offered me the chance of a lifetime…

My mother and I are traditional pageant watchers. Our favorite competitions are the evening gown, talent, and costume competitions. With the rise of reality television, we have become regulars in the home-front row, watching the likes of Project Runway and Making The Cut (We love you Heidi and Tim!). When I accepted my mother’s offer to join her in a fashion business as Chief Information Officer (CIO, based on my tech savvy) and Senior Fashion designer, Mom was already planning to host a fashion show in November.

It felt like I had stepped into a Cinderella story. The pumpkin bloomed and I had made it to fashion week!”

Mom and I even had a private competition. We sequestered ourselves to a sewing environment with our own one-to-one challenges in a mock project runway. I won that contest (to be fair, Mom did have some heart trouble the week before and had just been released from the hospital when we started the competition. Thank God she came out well).

In this whirlwind of new experiences, I finally found my niche beyond the written word – a hobby turned into several published articles and unfinished manuscripts. Thus, I joined Mom and one younger brother to officially launch the fashion business. This trio hosted a fashion show and banquet, which received rave reviews. As fate would have it, my finally look (which I entitled, “Marilyn”) was, “… the show maker,” according to Mom. The success of my first line preview sparked Haute Midwest Magazine.

The magazine allowed me to fulfill my love of journalism and creative writing, while staying informed in my new career field and advancing the goals of House of Sherell, our family’s premiere fashion house. The magazine was a testament to the constant flow of new ideas and talented energy in our entire family.

Fast forward to 2021, I launched GSyndicates Magazine and a private label women’s clothing line called, “Moxie.”

I am so humbled and grateful for this opportunity. The power of someone else believing in you when you cannot see your value is priceless. Becoming a fashion designer is something I had dreamed since childhood. It was before too personal; and that made it too risky. My mother is my hero for giving me a gentle nudge, picking me up every time I fell, and supporting me whilst I learned to stand on faith. Helping her to build this business is something at which I work very diligently. I want her to know that she can count on me to be her best champion, the way she has always been for me.

Back to GSNY…

Making the transition from Iowa to New York, this post would be remiss without mentioning obvious differences between Midwest and East Coast style from the brief time that I lived in Manhattan before GSIA was conceived over a decade ago. The Midwest founded GSIA is true to its traditional roots of high necklines and low hemlines in comfort-first creations with intermittent elements of Michael Kors and Coach (I see these on a daily basis paired with eclectic and even crafty (homemade) ensembles).

On the other hand, New York had its own fashion week on the scale of Paris and Italy (not to downplay the up and coming Midwest Fashion Week). Personal style was more of a collective fast fashion that ebbed and flowed with the global community where one wouldn’t be caught in last season’s wing tips.

Times are changing, though. With COVID re-shaping the way everyone does business, fashion is fighting a war like nothing it has ever seen. More and more people are having to choose between what not to wear and where not to wear it. Fashion businesses that hope to survive must pick up the virtual reins and find ways to meet fashionistas where they are – at home and online, becoming influencers with their self-made blogs and vlogs.

GSNY is the best of both regions: an homage to the international fashion Elders via the Eastern Seaboard, and a faithful offering to the love of comfort – even when it does not make the catwalk (since that is becoming more rare with restricted gatherings). Here is a look at some of my GSNY favorites.

Ciao for now!

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