I restarted my “Road to a Record Deal” on November 13, 2020. Here’s an update of what I did today to advance my position as an aspiring recording artist.


  • December 15, 2020
    • Joined Medium as a premium content writer (https://shenicargraham.medium.com/).
    • Sent press release to news and media stations announcing the open call for artists to perform in the Operation Homefront Global Concert.
    • Joined Writers Work (https://writers.work/shenicargraham) to market my lexicographical skills. You can now hire me for some very creative services.
      • Print & Web Copywriting. For all of your copy writing needs, I can pen original text for print and online use, press releases, traditional and e-mail newsletters, business correspondence, marketing campaigns, standard bearing dialogs (e.g. telephone answering scripts) and commercial ad scripts, brochures, postcards, motivational books, training manuals, technical instructions, leadership and personal development guides, audiovisual presentations, slide presentations, speeches, jokes, and anecdotes, application letters, resumes, grants, editorials, promotional texts, jargon-intensive documents such as policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; and the list goes on (and quite very much on again). My inventive, yet precise knack for lexicography will present your products and services in images and words that invite readers to not only browse, but to also take action in supporting your offerings.
      • Web Design With Fresh Copy. I began creating Websites nearly twenty years ago – before they were intensely popular, and before every business owner learned that a state-of-the-art Website was a must-have. Now, a creative force in digital media and marketing specializing in small business start-up support and Web development, my writing is in demand across the web. In addition to writing, I am a Full-Stack Web Design student with experience in CSS and HTML. Programmers know me as Grahamattic. I help new and established business owners create attractive marketing campaigns by writing compelling copy paired with unique Web designs that are essential and economic. Due to my extensive writing and design project experience, in addition to providing your organization with an aesthetically stunning Web presence, I can also create the fundraising P3 – “Products, Paraphernalia, and Publications.” Let my lexicographical machine algorithm whip up some jaw dropping content for your mega word hungry clients, customers, and fans. Creating a buzz is like the matrix: you have to see it from the inside. You already know everything about your product or service. Now you need a neo(n) sign pointing to a viral blog, post, tweet, or video to boost your brand visibility. I can help you write that quintessential copy to take bank to your bottom line. Want something fun? Let me create your site’s own exclusive, custom lexicon, a modern dictionary that your fans will love to #hashtag (here is a sample https://shenicargraham.wordpress.com/archive/writing-samples/#lexicon). What is the secret to the Grahamattic machine? What you need to know is that it can take your site from blah to bangin’, from basics to blahniks, and from zero to hero (and those are just the appetizers). Hire me to keep your readers wanting more.
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