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Mental Platter

Welcome to Mental Platter, where your psych plat du jour is always up and looking good. Searching for a specific mental health topic? Let me know. I’ll whip up something tasty for your neurons. Need a fashionable life hack? That’s my specialty! Stay tuned for my #fashionforword lexicon. On a journey to a new you? Me too! Let’s walk a ways together and share a cold one (I mean lemonade, of course). [ read more ]

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Haute Midwest Magazine

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Shine: A Woman of Purpose

by S. Renee Graham (Shenica R. Graham)


Experience a powerful testimony and cultivate the fruit of the Holy Spirit in your life.

This book is part of the Shine series: a manifestation of decades of soul-searching, questioning, and re-discovering God’s unmerited and miraculous favor and grace.

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